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Why I Blog

My buddy Kevin, who has been a HUGE help in creating “The Site,” wants to know why I blog.

Basically, I blog for the fame. Someday I hope to do one of three things. 1) Own an amazing web design company, 2) work for an even more amazing web design company, or 3) be an extremely successful freelancer. Blogging is my way of getting my name around. If you think about it, my future boss or client will be reading my blog someday. Most of the bosses or clients I’ve had in the past still read my blog today. I write this blog partly for them, partly for me, and partly just to help people out.

Blogging is, in a way, fun. When I first started I didn’t see how this could be true. I originally started a blog to write incredible articles that everyone would want to read. Unfortunately, I currently don’t have the brains or experience to write them. Maybe someday I’ll write the article that everyone wants to read but for now I blog for fame fortune and fun.

Since Kevin did say this is a meme I’m going to pass it on to Elyse, Thame, Dan, and William.

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