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Just FYI I’m getting $5 from ReviewMe to write this post. I’ve never done this before, it shouldn’t take too long and I wanted to try it out.

I’ve been pondering lately what type of a hosting solution would be best to provide to my clients. I host this site as well as about 10 other sites of mine on a Media Temple hosting account. I’ve very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone. When dealing with clients it’s important to set them up with a reliable hosting company but you don’t want to get stuck providing and maintaining the hosting service for them.

Yes, I know you can make some money by providing that service to your clients but in my experience it just isn’t worth the time and hassle to support the hosting.

I haven’t explored enough to know what would be the best web host for my clients but sites like WP Designer provide an effective view of the options and features for some of the top hosting providers. Their ranking method seems to be based primarily on price which most clients are often not too concerned with.

A reliable hosting provider that is simple for the client to use is all they really need. What’s your opinion? Which hosting provider is the easiest to use. Many clients don’t even understand why they can’t just put the website on their computer but instead have to pay a monthly fee for hosting. Who makes it easy for a “non-computer-literate” person to host and manage their website? Also, how do explain things like web hosting and domain names to someone who knows nothing about them or why they are needed?

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