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The word Tagorically was created by a fellow teen, Andrew Hamann. Tagorically is the new way of organizing data on the web and it’s spreading like an epidemic. Sites like 1000Tags and and ZoomTags make money of this phenomenon because tags are showing up everywhere and people have learned how to use them and even expect them on some websites. Tags are slowly replacing categories and for good reasons but there are some places they just don’t belong.

Tags are great for large amounts of information on sites like Newsvine (email me if you want an invite) and I think Digg should switch to tags instead of categories but tags are also good for sites without textual data like flickr or vSocial. Categories are too broad for sites with lots of information and a wide variety of topics. Tags are often created by the users, easier to search, and much more specific.

In his post Andrew brings up a good point that tags don’t belong on smaller sites. Specifically… blogs. Blogs don’t have enough differnt topics or entries to require something as specific as tags. Recently I added Technorati Tags to my site to test how they would effect my total number of visitors. Many blogs use them and after a few weeks I’ve decided that they really aren’t that helpful. Since the tags were added I’ve had an increase in visitors but not enough for them to be worth the effort.

I think large sites should continue to use tags but I agree with Andew that they really aren’t meant for blogs. Yep, that means you won’t be seeing anymore of those annoying tags on the bottom of each post anymore. I just wish I had thought of the word first!

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