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Successful Teens Hiding Their Age

Why is it that some teen entrepreneurs hide their age from clients or customers? I’ve noticed this a few times recently and it really surprises me. I’ve found that being young has helped me in my career more then anything. Shouldn’t being 10 years younger then the rest of the crowd make you stand out and force people to take notice? People may notice you but if a 30-year-old had a really great business and a teenager had an equally great business which one would you give your money to?

If a teen can create a business just as good as the next one then it should be even more impressive because it’s run by a teen. Right?


Teen businesses don’t do as well because adults don’t take teens seriously… and for good reason.

Q. But wait, didn’t you say being young has helped you more then anything?

A. Yes, being young has helped me but only because I get to know my clients and they get to know me. They are able to take me seriously because of that interaction. If I sold a product instead of a service or if I didn’t get to know the people I work for I wouldn’t have that same communication with people and therefore I wouldn’t be taken seriously.

Communication and showing that you’re passionate about what you do is key to being taken seriously.

If you’re a teen entrepreneur and you’re afraid to share your age with clients or customers I totally understand. The only way you can share your age and still be taken seriously is through communication. Sure your business might be more impressive because it’s run by a teen but if you’re business isn’t going anywhere, none of that matters. What matters is communicating effectively with your clients and customers. Do that and nobody will care how old you are, even if you’re half there age.

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