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Earlier today I shared a list of articles that I’ve found to be very helpful. But one of the most helpful sites I’ve ever come across is SitePoint. It has a ton of excellent articles, blogs, and forums covering every aspect of web design. It’s a place where the graphic designer, programmer, and project manager can all go to find helpful information.

The content is updated regularly and there’s always atleast a few hundred forum members online. If you have a question chances are it’s already been answered somewhere on SitePoint and if it hasn’t then the forum members are sure to answer it.

Recently my favorite place to hang out on SitePoint has been the SitePoint Marketplace. SitePoint describes the Marketplace as “a community trading place for web sites, domain names, web site templates and more.” The Marketplace has a Looking To Hire category that I’ve found to be a great way to pick up small projects that are normally pretty quick and simple. They are easy projects to get and so far they’ve paid ok too.

Any other freelancers out there? Where do you go to pick up projects?

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