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Matt Bob Jones 2.0 Launched

After hours of staring at my monitor and pounding on my keyboard I am proud to present you with Matt Bob Jones 2.0. When I decided to redo the site I had a few goals in mind that I wanted to accomplish. One of my goals was to add a second column that would allow for easier access to the blog and provide an area that I could use to share some of my favorite links with everyone (haven’t added them yet). One of my other goals was to use WordPress as much as possible so that managing the site is simple and less time-consuming. My last goal was to create a completely table-less site with valid XHTML and CSS. Why? Becaouse I can and because the benefits of using web standards are tremendous. I won’t go into all the details about why web standards are so great becuase you’ve probably heard them many times before and because I’ve already told you about web standards here and here. I still recommend that you use web standards and if you are considering having a blog on your site use WordPress. Let me know what you think of the redo and how I can improve the site for Matt Bob Jones 3.0.

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