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Learning PHP


I’ve been trying to teach myself PHP lately and I’ve had a lot of fun with it. The first thing I tried to make was a form that had 5 fields and could upload files to my server. It took a little while but I was able to figure it out and get it just how I wanted. Before this the only thing I had ever done in PHP was simple edits in WordPress and a contact form so this was slightly more difficult but still pretty basic PHP.

Then I wanted to use a form to enter information to a database and retrieve it later on. This took longer and I couldn’t have done it without some very handy PHP Tutorials but I finally figured it out. The problem with tutorials is that I get it to work but don’t learn anything so I decided to really try and understand what I was doing. I created a form with 2 fields, one field for a title and one for a short post, then I submitted that information to the database and retrieved the list of posts on a separate page. I added a way to delete and edit the posts and added a few more fields. Eventually I want to add categories and give the option to show posts by category or date. Doing this really helped me learn why the code was doing what it did.

My goal is to create my own CMS someday. I think that would be pretty cool! I love WordPress but to be able to make my own CMS would be awesome.

Some of you are probably laughing at my pathetic knowledge of PHP but that’s ok. What did you do to learn PHP and what was the first thing you built in PHP? I’m curious. Maybe I’ll give it a shot.

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