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Integrum Technologies

About a month ago at the November Refresh meeting Josh Knowles talked to me about a possible job opportunity. I then met with Josh and the rest of the Integrum guys at the November AZ on Rails meeting and started working a week later.

It’s a fun place to work although very different than what I’m used to.

Less Distractions
Working at an office instead of at home I’m less easily distracted. I tend to stay focused on one particular project longer rather than constantly switching back and forth between projects.

No Marketing
I’ve never had a hard time finding work but it’s not like work just comes to me all the time either. Working for a company I no longer have to worry about finding new projects or dealing with clients. I’m glad that I’ve dealt with clients before and know how to do it but I much prefer leaving that to someone else so I can focus more on the things I do best.

A Schedule
Some days I’d start working at 11:00 in the morning and other days I’d start at 7:00. I’d work until 6 pm or 1 in the morning and it didn’t matter. Now I have a schedule and an order to my day, everyday. If I ever go back to freelancing I’m going to try harder to follow a schedule.

Like I said before, I never had a “real” job so going into this one I knew there was a lot I could learn by working here, and I have. I think it would be cool to visit and spend a day or 2 working at the offices of other web companies. To see how they work, how they manage things, and what it would be like to work at those companies. Hmm. Any takers?

So now you know where I work. I’m liking it and learning a lot unlike what I’m doing here at school. Class is almost over so I’ll see y’all later.

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