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How’s the weather in Austin?

It’s raining here in Arizona for the first time in 143 days yet I still wish I was in Austin. I love the rain and I don’t get to play in it as much as I’d like but the SXSW Interactive Festival is underway and I’d rather be there. Next year I’m definitely gonna go and maybe meet up with some of my Random Shapes friends because it’s just too cool to miss.

Luckily everyone seems to be blogging about it so I get to read about what’s going on. Not sure if that makes me more jealous or not but I like reading about it anyways.

To everyone who is at SXSW Interactive I hope you have a great time but I have a few requests. Fill me in on what I’m missing, post about everything, write about it on your blogs, and do it just to put a smile on my face!


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