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How to Deal with Comment Spam

Just a few days ago I got a question from a visitor wondering how much spam this site received. Although I haven’t had any email spam, yesterday the first comment spam appeared on the blog. Hopefully nobody noticed it but I was both mad and confused that someone would do that especially on a site with as few visitors and even fewer comments as I have. WordPress has a few tools to keep spammers from attacking a site but of course nothing is perfect. To battle spammers I’ve come up with a few solutions but I don’t like any of them. I can either stop comments completely or take the time to moderate all of them. I want to take care of this problem while my blog is still small so I don’t have to worry about it as the blog grows.

Stopping comments would prevent comment spammers but it would also prevent me from getting to hear your opinions and feedback. Comments are my way of getting to know you. This was one of the reasons I added the blog so I would hate to stop comments altogether. Plus I think comments help make the posts more enjoyable. It’s nice to see what other readers have to say and it gives you a chance to add your opinions to the blog. Without comments the blog is of no use to me and I become just another rambling teenager. Even if you find the content here helpful, comments allow the content to rise to the next level. They help inspire new ideas in readers and help me make this blog better. Lots of blogs are good, but comments are what make a blog become great.

Another plan of attack against spammers would be to moderate all the comments but I don’t want to take the time to do that either. Not that it would take me too long, but I could be doing better things with my time to improve the blog rather than moderating comments. I’ve made a decent amount of comments on other blogs and I’ve always liked seeing my comment show up right away. Maybe I’m the only person who feels this way, but I like seeing my comments on other websites blogs. When I post a comment I feel that somehow I’ve added something that is either helpful to other readers or the author. If I don’t feel like it would help either the readers or the author for me to make a comment, I don’t. I try to make sure all my comments are sincere compliments or suggestions to the authors or help the discussion between readers.

Anyone who reads a blogs comments can tell which comments are real and which ones are spam so I don’t think spammers are having much success but they sure are annoying. Right now I’m thinking about using the WordPress option that requires comment authors to have a previously approved comment. This just means that your first comment on the blog will be moderated, but once I approve it none of your other comments will have to be moderated. I still don’t like this but it should stop spammers. As of now I haven’t changed the way comments are run because I want to know what those of you with blogs have done to combat spammers and how everyone would feel about this method of posting comments.