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Early Design Evolution

I’m in the process of redesigning this site and it’s interesting to see how much the site has already changed. Each site of mine starts from layout sketches in my notebook before I begin designing the graphics or coding. This is often the easiest but also the most important step in designing a site. With the sites goals in mind there are a number of good layout options to choose from. I haven’t had to use a computer yet and the site has already been through a number of revisions.

For the new design I want to keep the main focus of the site on the blog but I also want to include some examples of my work somewhere on the homepage. You may not know this but this site is still my portfolio. Even though I don’t do a good job updating it or showing it off I want to get some good jobs this summer so I guess I need to more obviously let people know that I’m a web designer too.

The early layout sketches have evolved into a better design that I hope will meet my goals for the site. I’ll post some of my sketches later when I talk about how to make the notebook sketches come alive using some simple CSS and web standards.

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