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Desert Code Camp

Desert Code Camp was on Saturday and it was the biggest group of web geeks in one place that I’ve ever seen.

At Desert Code Camp anyone can volunteer to present any topic they want (as long as it’s related to code) and then you pick which sessions you want to go to and you show up. It’s free, you can learn some pretty sweet stuff and you get to meet other web developers so it’s pretty cool.

The camp had 8 time slots with 9 different sessions in each slot so you had to pick and choose which 1 of the 9 sessions you wanted to go to for each slot. The sessions were about an hour long and for the most part I was really impressed with the presenters and the wide range of topics. Whenever the next one is I think I’ll sign up to present one of the sessions.

Anyone know when the next one is? I couldn’t find a date for it on their site.

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