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What’s happenin?

I’ve been neglecting my own site to work on others recently.

I’ve learned it’s hard to stay productive and focused if you don’t have the right attitude.

Refresh Phoenix this month was ok but not great. When are we gonna go bowling again?

My cousins are awesome and I’ve enjoyed spending time with family this summer.

I’ve found that a great way to learn patience is to be on a competitive soccer team with people who don’t know how to play soccer.

This post fits in basically every category.

Random Shapes opened its doors again and we’ve had a flood of applications. I’m excited!

IRC is cool but I can’t use it too much or I start wasting time.

Urbavore is 99% done because it is finally online but could use a few touch ups.

Has everyone met LaSean? You should. Thanks for everything LaSean!

Coming soon: a real post. I need to stop making those kind of promises.

These are really cool. I’ve printed about about 20 of these and I just keep using them.

Is it time for a redesign? Yeah, I think so.

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