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What’s a blog?

Something crazy happened today.

I know that most people in general don’t read blogs. Walk into any store (or classroom) and look around. Chances are none of those people know what an RSS feed is or have ever heard of Web 2.0? I understand that, but today in my English class we were discussing an article in the newspaper about the CEO of Sun Microsystems Inc. wanting to “disclose significant financial information through blogs” (similar article in the Boston Globe here).

I was blown away. The teacher asked if anyone could explain what a blog was and no one could do it. A few students tried and all they could come up with was that a blog is one of those things you can do on Myspace. I raised my hand but the teacher must have been satisfied with the answer and moved on. I wanted to stand up on my desk and tell everyone what a blog really was. I felt like some how I had let these people down for not telling them how wrong they were. If only I had raised my hand sooner.

I’m still amazed that out of the whole class no one, not even the teacher, could explain what a blog was and couldn’t remember ever reading a blog either. Blogs and blogging is a huge part of my life and these people don’t even know what a blog is.

I wonder what they do that I don’t have a clue about.

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