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We’re Different Online

I mentioned before that we should just be ourselves and not hide who we really are, but I think everyone acts a little bit differently online then we do in person. No matter how hard we try to just be ourselves we act a little different and we’re perceived differently too.

In our emails, IM conversations, and blog posts we just don’t act the same as we would in person. I don’t know what you think of me from the little you’ve picked up by reading my blog or talking to me online, but in person, I’m a quiet guy, I’m usually the one sitting in the back or walking around looking for a conversation to jump into. I don’t talk much and I prefer it that way.

The other day my sister told me that she read a few posts from my blog. My sister and I both live at home, her room is right across the hall from mine and she said that I write more words on my blog then I say to her in person. And while I don’t think that’s true (although sadly it might be close) that’s because I’m a quite guy (and because we’re not home at the same time very much).

But those who don’t talk to me in person might not be able to see that. The only interaction you have with me is through my blog. I’m not trying to act any differently online then I would act in person but I’m perceived differently because all you know about me is the thoughts I’ve shared with you on my blog. I hope this makes sense. If you were to meet me in person then you’d know what I’m talking about.

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