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Tips For Graduation Day

I graduated from high school on Thursday and it really wasn’t that exciting. I am really happy to be done with high school but the whole graduation ceremony was rather dull and pointless. If you’re like me you’ve been looking forward to this day since the first grade. You suffer through 12 years of tests, homework assignments, boring lectures and worst of all, boring teachers. You’ve passed all your classes and spent thousands and thousands of hours working hard to get that diploma and impress the colleges. You think graduation day will never come and when it does you don’t know what to think. You’re happy to leave school but you’re sad to leave your friends. You’re excited for the future but you’re worried about jumping into something you’re not used to. Things are gonna change and change can be scary.

But when you think about it, graduation really isn’t that cool. Billions of people have done it before you. Lots of adults will congratulate you but they all graduated from high school too so why not congratulate them back? You weren’t around to congratulate them when they graduated but hey, better late then never right?

Anyways, I wasn’t impressed or excited by the whole graduation ceremony but here’s some tips to help you enjoy your graduation.

1. Send graduation announcements to everybody.
Graduation announcements let people know that you’re graduating and invites them to your graduation. They won’t all make it to your graduation ceremony but it makes them feel good to get a card from you and it gives them a chance to send you something back. That something is what I like to call a Graduation Gift. The GG can come in many forms. I prefer it when the GG comes in the form of $$ but a heartfelt congratulations in the form of a card is cool too. I always keep birthday cards, Christmas cards, and other holiday cards but the graduation card only comes twice. Once after high school and once after college. Send a graduation announcement to everyone because you never know who’ll send you a GG back.

2. Do something fun before and after the graduation ceremony.
Before graduation I worked and after graduation I picked up some of my friends and we just drove around listening to music and hanging out. Do something fun before and after graduation so you can make the day as fun as possible. It’s your graduation day. You deserve to have some fun. Go to a movie, go to the lake, go bowling, go anywhere. Trust me, you really don’t want to be sitting at home all day on your graduation. Go hang out all day, go to graduation and then stay out as late as you can. Just don’t get into trouble 😉

3. Throw your cap.
Wearing your graduation cap is the most annoying thing in the world. Whoever thought that attaching a skull cap, a square thingy, and a tassel together would make you look smart was an idiot. I felt like Harry Potter in my cap and gown and the stupid tassel kept hitting me in the face. When it came time to throw the caps some people didn’t want to because they were afraid they’d lose it but why would you want to keep it anyways? It’s not like 40 years from now you’re gonna forget you had a cap on graduation day. Just take off the tassel and chuck the stupid thing as high as you can. It’ll make you feel good and if you really want to keep a cap you can pick up the one that hit you in the face and keep it instead. That one will be more memorable anyways.

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