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The Definition of Success

How do you determine a person’s success? Do you judge success based solely on how rich or famous someone is, or are there more important ways to decipher a person’s success? Success should not be weighed by how heavy someone’s paycheck is or how many people know their name. Although these things may come from being successful, they aren’t the things that make a person successful. Success should be based on what you’ve done with the opportunities you’ve been given. Even the poorest person can have just as much success as the richest person if they use the opportunities presented to them to the best of their ability. Success is not created in wealth or fame, it is created in the sincere attempt to reach a goal. It is a destination that we must be continually striving to get to.

Too often we see people on T.V. and think to ourselves how successful they must be. When in reality, they may not be as successful as we are, they have just been presented with greater opportunities then we have. Everyone has succeeded at something sometime in their life. Successes and dreams are what make life worth living, because everyone has dreams of becoming more successful then they are right now. Once someone realize what it is they really want, they begin to take every opportunity, every chance, and every option they can to reach that goal.

Success is reached by setting multiple smaller goals for yourself in order to reach your final desired destination. When anyone accomplishes a goal they have temporary success. Success never stays with you it is constantly moving and you must be continually chasing after it. To remain successful you must remain in motion headed to a new goal or objective. Success isn’t winning the race, it is what you do before the race, during the race, and after the race that determines if you are successful. In other words, to be successful is to achieve a goal and start immediately on another one. Success is not just completing one goal. For this reason, many wealthy people are considered greedy when really they are just setting their sights on a new goal for them to accomplish.

Success is a long hard road that often includes many failures and trials before you reach the end. Mickey Rooney once said, “You always pass failure on your way to success”. Success is rarely reached without falling down along the way, but when we fall it gives us a chance to grow from our mistakes. Setting goals is the easy part, actually doing something to accomplish them is the hard part. To reach your final desired destination you need to want what you are after can let anything get in the way of their dreams and they must endure through whatever comes their way. Success is having the belief that you can do it and the patience to see it through. Once someone has these traits their possibilities are infinite. You will become successful through your successes and you will learn through your failures.

When someone succeeds they not only gain what they were after, they also gain happiness. It makes them feel good to succeed at something because they get satisfaction from what they are doing. They are reaching a dream that they have persevered to achieve. Success is happiness for you and others that may have been affected by your accomplishments. Successful people have a winning attitude and like succeeding because it makes them happy. A truly successful person is to be without limitations. Success is using every opportunity that is given to you with a sincere desire to achieve your dreams. Success is also staying focused on your goals no matter how rich or poor you may be. You must be able to persevere through trials and learn from your mistakes. Success implies remaining in motion to seek after new goals that better yourself or others. It is in achieving our dreams that makes life better and happier.

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