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The College Question – Part 3

Most of the people I’ve spoken with recently have suggested that it might be a good idea to go to college and it might not. Some think I’m crazy to not want to go to college and some agree I will be wasting my time, but I haven’t really been persuaded either way by anybody. Only I can know what the best decision will be but I like getting as much input as I can from those who have already been there and done that.

Both of my parents graduated from college and my dad went on to get a law degree. My older brother graduated last year from the University of Arizona with 2 majors and 2 minors and is currently attending UCLA working towards receiving his PhD in linguistics. He originally wanted to be an optical engineer but changed his mind a year after college and now it looks like he’ll be studying linguistics forever. He loves it and doesn’t regret his decision to switch fields at all. My 2 older sisters are taking classes at MCC where, if I decide to go to college, I will probably end up and then transfer to ASU.

I know college can help you find your interests and change the way you think about things because you are exposed to a lot of new experiences and opportunities. My brother thought he really liked optical engineering until he took more and more linguistics classes and realized he was having fun going to those classes and wasn’t having fun going to his optical engineering classes. College for my brother was and still is the best thing that ever happened to him. He found what he truly likes and now he gets paid to do it. In a way I’m jealous of him because I want to get paid to do what I truly like too.

Unlike my brother, I’ve had tons of opportunities to learn about and experience the career I want to be a part of. When he was my age I don’t think he new nearly as much about optical engineering as I know now about web design. If he had the opportunities to explore that career more as a teenager he might have changed his mind sooner. Linguistics is a subject that if you really want to learn about, you basically need to get a college degree. I don’t think web design is at all like Linguistics because you don’t need a college degree to be really good at it. A degree may be helpful, but it isn’t a requirement. College gave my brother the experiences and opportunities for him to learn about what he really liked. I think I’ve had a lot of those experiences to see if this is the career that I like. In high school I’ve taken a class in almost every topic provided and so far web design is what has been the most fun and enjoyable for me.

There are many more subjects in college that you can take then there are in high school. I know I haven’t experienced everything and I have much more I still need to learn about the web. That’s why I plan on taking about 10 – 11 classes at MCC and then leave college. These 10 – 11 classes will help me learn what I need to know and be worth my time. You never know, I might find something else I like along the way but right now these are my plans and I’m very happy with them.

13 of the 17 people who voted on the poll said I should go to college and 4 said I shouldn’t. I’d like to thank everyone who has voted, commented, emailed, IMed, and in any other form given their opinions and experiences to help me with this decision. This week I’ll use the weekly poll to find out how many of you have been to college. I expect most if not all the voters have already been to college but we’ll see.

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