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The College Question – Part 2

What? Two posts in one day? Don’t get used to it I just had to show you this.

Ben Bleikamp over at College Startup wrote a post today titled “Is college really necessary?” When I saw that title I thought for sure he knew I read his blog. His question is almost exactly the same as what I was asking you yesterday. No, he didn’t copy anything from my poorly written post and he probably hasn’t even seen this site.

According to his blog Ben is a sophomore in college at Ohio State University studying finance and entrepreneurship. Although he never really gives an answer to the question he does give good reasons for going to college and for not going to college. For the most part I think he is happy with his decision to go to college but he says that college may not be everyone.

“I think college is something everyone should at least try. Maybe itโ€™s not right for you, maybe it is.”

I want to try college like he suggests but I only want to take the classes that will help me the most. I don’t see any point in sitting through long lectures about stuff that I will probably forget and will never use. Last night I looked online at the classes MCC offers and came up with a list of 10 classes I would be willing to take. They all seem interesting, useful, and worthwhile. Some are web related, some are business related, and I think all of them would be worth my time and money.

Have a good weekend!

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