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Out Loud Brainstorming

The things you’re passionate about are the things that you can talk to anyone about for hours.

It doesn’t matter who the person is. If they’re willing to listen, you’ll tell them anything and everything about the subject because you enjoy it.

I’m a pretty quiet guy. But there are some things that I’m very passionate about. And if you get me started talking about those things, I won’t stop until I’m hungry, really tired, late for something or have to pee.

The people who listen to you are either too polite to leave, good friends, atleast slightly interested in the subject or all of the above.

The great thing about talking to someone about the things you’re passionate about is that you usually learn something new. It’s out loud brainstorming. And it works.

I think a lot. And I’ve come up with some good ideas that way. And then I tell someone about my idea and after that I either throw it out or go with it. Either way, I’ve learned something new that I probably wouldn’t have learned if I had kept it to myself.

Since I work from home and share an office with my dad (since he also works from home), he gets to hear me ramble. A lot. And even though he doesn’t know what I’m talking about half the time, he still listens. And he tries to understand what I’m doing. And I appreciate that. Thank you dad.

So what are you passionate about? What’s the idea that you’ve had locked in your head? Tell someone. Face to face. Find someone who will listen and just ramble. Then analyze what you just learned and move on.

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