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Online Learning vs. College

So far, everything I have ever learned about web design has come from my own online learning, great friends, and lots of books from the library. I think I’ve gotten a good start but there’s a lot more I need to learn and even more that I want to learn. Nowadays you can learn about anything you want through the power of the internet but wouldn’t college be a much better way to learn things? I think the answer is sometimes but not always.

After browsing through the courses offered at MCC I’ve created a list of 10 classes that I think would be worth taking. One of the classes I was interested in is a required class to receive the Web Developer Certificate of Completion. The class is called Introduction to JavaScript. I know enough JavaScript to get by but not much more then the basics. Compared to other scripting languages it seems much easier to learn and I shouldn’t have put off learning it this long. If I took the college class I would definitely learn JavaScript, but would it be the best way for me to learn it?

VTC offers an online course titled JavaScript Fundamentals that is 4 hours of videos and tutorials plus any extra time you put into teaching it to yourself. This is a screenshot of both the VTC course outline compared to MCC’s JavaScript course outline.

Courses Comparison

The VTC course covers a little less then the MCC course but for the most part they are very similar. If I take the college course it will take longer to learn everything and a lot more money. The VTC course is quick and to the point. It assumes you already know about HTML and the web so you don’t need to waste time re-learning about the first browsers and the history of the web. I’ve already started taking the course and any questions I may have along the way can be answered through the power of the internet. With this class it would be better for me to learn JavaScript online instead of at a college. A class would only slow me down.

Another class I would like to take is Introduction to Entrepreneurship. If you do a Blingo search for Entrepreneur it comes up with 6,730,000 results. From this list I’m sure I could learn a lot about becoming an entrepreneur but again, is this the best way for me to learn? I don’t think so. In this case taking a college course would be more beneficial for me then learning online. The course is much more organized and focused then anything I’ve found on the web for entrepreneurship. If I really looked and was willing to take the time I could probably put together a great list of tips, tricks, articles, and facts about becoming an entrepreneur but I don’t think it would be as valuable to me as a college class would be.

I like to learn, I like to design, I like to program, and I like the thought of starting my own business. I don’t like wasting time or doing things that don’t have a point. I think some college classes will be extremely worthwhile but I don’t think they are always the best way to learn.

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