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Indie Virus

Who says you have to have a virus to spread it? Chris Pearson came up with The Indie Virus idea and I’m gonna help him spread the virus to some unsuspecting victims. The goal is to bring exposure to lesser known blogs and explore the metrics behind a viral linking campaign. It’s a simple experiment that looks interesting and it’s not hard to participate.

Participating in The Indie Virus is easy. All you’ve got to do is link to lesser known blogs from within a post (or two, or eleventeen), but you have to make sure that the anchor text of your link is The Indie Virus.

For starters I’m going to push The Indie Virus in the direction of Chartreuse for being the first person to leave a comment on the Random Shapes site and for his excellent advice. His blog is about managing internet media properties and other blog news and tips. Thanks for the help and don’t worry, this is the virus you want to catch.

Next I’m giving The Indie Virus to Angelique for winning the 2006 best teen weblog award. I’m spreading The Indie Virus on Kevin for coming up with the design for the network site and Glen gets The Indie Virus for creating the Random Shapes logo and because I keep spelling his name wrong. (I keep spelling it with 2 n’s instead of 1)

Good luck with your experiment Chris. I managed to spread the virus to 4 people without even getting it. Pretty good huh?

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