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Have Fun Making Some Moola

Update: I don’t have anymore invites left. Sorry.

Moola is a cool new site I’ve been having some fun with lately. It’s currently in beta but I can hook ya up with an invite if you want one. I can only give out 3 invites right now so first come first serve.

The idea behind Moola is pretty simple. Moola gives you $0.01 of real money. You play a Flash game against someone else. If you win, you keep your penny and you take the penny of the person you just played. If you lose, Moola gives you another free penny so you can keep playing.

Now that you have $0.02 and you can play level 2 against other people with $0.02. Just like before, if you win you get to take their $0.02 so now you would have $0.04. If you lose, Moola kindly gives you a penny to start over. That means if you win 30 times in a row, moving up a level each time, you would win $10,737,418.24. But if you win 29 times in a row and then lose you’re left with just a penny. You can take your money out whenever you want and Moola will send you a check with your winnings. The most I’ve gotten up to so far is $0.20 but I lost that pretty quickly. 🙂

Before each game you have to watch an ad and then answer a question about the ad. Most of the ads lately have been the same so I just skip right to the question.

Anyways, if you’d like to try it out just let me know.

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