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Google Scares Me

Google makes my life easier and I use a number of their products on a daily basis. I use Gmail for all my email accounts. I keep a weekly schedule using Google Calendar. I save important data with Google Spreadsheets. I use Google Groups to communicate and participate in various social groups on the web. I use Google AdSense to make some extra cash on my websites. I use Google Analytics to track the visitors I receive on my websites. I read blogs created by Google’s Blogger. Google keeps my search history so I can go back to pages I’ve already been to. I use Google Maps so I don’t get lost. I browse Google Video and play with Google Earth when I get really bored and I use Google’s search engine like a bad habit.

Google could even search my computer with Google Desktop if I had it installed and it can find out what I’m interested in with Google’s Personalized Homepage.

So Google knows my name, where I live, what my interests are, what I’ll be doing on Saturday, the websites I run, how much I make from them, the places I’m driving to, the websites I visit, and even the people I talk with.

My mom doesn’t even know all that information! Google could probably tell you more about me then some of my friends.

Now that Google Checkout has been launched, Google could find out even more about me like my credit card number and what I’m buying. I’m guessing the next things Google will be releasing is the Google Locator and maybe Google Vision. Google Locator will be an easily installed chip embeded in your brain that will act as a GPS system that will store the places you’ve been on Google Maps and Google Vision will record everything you see and store it on Google Video where you can easily access it to see again later. Of course, both services would be free.

Seriously though, Google has great products that I will continue to use but they do kinda scare me… just a little.

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