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Do You Need School To Succeed?

This was taken from the Fortune Small Business article here.

Admittedly, little research has been done on the effectiveness of various types of entrepreneurship education. But intriguing results came from a 2002 study at the University of Arizona.

Researchers found that five years after graduation, the average annual income for entrepreneurship majors and MBAs who concentrated in entrepreneurship at the school was almost $72,000, or 27 percent higher than for other business majors and students with standard MBAs.

Moreover, entrepreneurship graduates were three times more likely to form new companies. And we’re not talking mom-and-pop shops. On average the businesses had annual sales of $50 million and employed 200.

Even those entrepreneurship graduates who took jobs within large companies earned bigger paychecks: $23,500 more a year on average than for other business graduates. Of course, students ambitious enough to enroll in entrepreneurship classes in the first place are likely to be more driven and confident than their peers. Even so, the gap in numbers is striking.

Wow. Kinda makes me want to get a degree in entrepreneurship and kinda makes me like my current decision not to. I talked more about this with my brother and he thinks I should at least get an associates degree just so I can say I have a degree. I agree with him somewhat but I still don’t like the thought of taking all those useless classes. I was surprised to see that the percent of those that graduated from college was less then the percent of those who thought I should go to college.

The entrepreneurship study was taken from the University of Arizona and in another Fortune Small Business article they list the U of A as one of the top 10 colleges for entrepreneurs. The U of A is in Tucson which just so happens to be right down the road. It’s also where my brother went to get his bachelors degree. Hmm…

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