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Caught Creatures

Caught Creatures is the creation of artist and illustrator Daniel Davis. It’s “the world’s finest Art-Haiku-Monster book,” and it’s not just for kids. In Daniel’s words:

It’s a monster-art-haiku book, good for kids, good for adults who think like kids. I made sure that it was printed with high-quality, heavy paper stock, with a matte finish on the perfect bound cover. It’s nice and heavy, with 48 full-color pages.

Caught Creatures by Daniel Davis

I get a chance to talk with Daniel at the Refresh Phoenix meetings and he showed me a few more of his illustrations. They are totally awesome and you can see more of his work and drawings on his site. Here’s an interview I did with him a few days ago about his work. I hope you enjoy it!

Matt: What motivated you to create the Caught Creatures book?

Daniel: Well, a lot of things. I really dig drawing monsters and weird creatures, and I really wanted to get my illustration career going; so instead of waiting for someone to publish me, I decided to publish myself.

Plus, I have a little-monster hunting son, and I wanted to create something for him that he could look at for the rest of his life, and know that his dad loves him.

Matt: How do you come up with your characters and ideas for your artwork?

Daniel: I’ll sound like an egomaniac, but I have more ideas than I can deal with. I’m an idea guy, at least in terms of making up weird little stories, and creature designs. I just don’t have time to get all of my ideas out. I find tons of inspiration from looking at other artist’s work, reading books, watching movies, the web… it’s kinda like drinking water for me.

Matt: Are their any artists or illustrators that really inspire you?

Daniel: Oh yeah, tons and tons. I love these guys:

Rhode Montijo, illustrator/director/author, Happy Tree Friends/Cloudboy. Stephen Silver, animation character designer, Kim Possible. Sanjay Patel, Pixar storyboard artist and author of Little India. Tim Biskup, illustrator/painter/designer. Mark Ryden, fine artist.

Caught Creatures by Daniel Davis

I could go on and on… I mean there’s all of Art History too… There’s so much talent out there to look at.

Matt: What tools do you use to create your artwork?

Daniel: Anymore, I’m a 96.86% digital artist. I absolutely love vector art, and it’s even changed the way I draw.

I use Freehand MX and the pen tool, for just about everything I do. If I painted on canvas, I’d just try to do art the way that I vector it in Freehand. The beauty of vector art is once you get the hang of it, it’s FAST. For me, I need to get ideas done quick, because there are always five more in the queue. Also, it’s totally resolution independent. I can put the art on t-shirts, billboards, posters, whatever, and it all scales perfectly… no loss of quality. AND, I can pull my characters into Flash and animate them, really efficiently.

Matt: Anything else you’d like to let people know about you?

Daniel: I have a number of secret zombie hunting skills that I use to protect our way of life. I can throw this corndog over those mountains over there. I can drink 1 gallon of foreign soda in one sitting. I think that toys are better than automobiles. I talk too much, but it doesn’t stop me from from building an imitation robot on my kitchen table. I like to laugh at myself. Pretend I’m famous in Japan.

Thank you Matt Bob Jones, for taking the time to interview me.


Daniel’s art is truly incredible. Go check it out and say hi to Daniel on his blog.

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