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Blog network owners like to argue. Why? Because they all have their own ideas of how a blog network should be run. They’re also very protective of the network they’ve built and why shouldn’t they be? I’m very proud of Random Shapes and every other blog network owner out there should be proud of his/her own network.

From what I’ve noticed, blog network owners are thinkers and they aren’t afraid to voice their opinions. They use their blogs to voice their opinions but if they dare mention another blog network then wars begin. Eventually peace talks are made and each network has a better understanding of each other but they still don’t agree. So why do arguements get to be so personal? It does no good. Give advice and get people thinking but don’t criticize people and tell them that they’re wrong. This immediately puts everyone in combat mode and in the end does no good.

This can apply to anything I just notice it happening more with blog network owners because I pay attention to that kinda stuff. I hope I’m not offending anyone with this post. I’m just tellin it how I see it and spreading peace on the web at the same time. 😉

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