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A Winning Search Engine

I came across an amazing link the other day to a site called Blingo. Blingo is a Google driven search engine that gives users a chance to win prizes everytime they make a search. Prizes include items like an iPod nano, a PSP, or a Visa Gift Card. As a web developer I’m always on the internet and I use Google all the time for anything and everything. I might as well try and win something while I’m searching. The greatest part is it’s absolutely FREE! They don’t even ask for any information from you until you win. Blingo also allows you to invite your friends to join you. If someone you invite wins a prize by searching on Blingo, Blingo sends you the same prize.

Win with me on Blingo

Blingo is unique and likely to catch on very quickly since everyone benefits from it. Google and Blingo make money from the Google Ads and we all have a chance to win prizes. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. So click the Blingo link and sign-up to be my Blingo friend today!