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Stylish USB Drives

I have a pretty old SanDisk Micro that has served me well and I use it all the time. USB drives have come a long way but I’m really impressed with some of the new drives that have come out lately. Imation just released a Flash Drive Wristband that “redefines wearable technology design by combining a portable flash drive that doubles as a wristband.” Basically what they are trying to say do is help people spot geeks (I’ll probably have to get one). It really is pretty cool and according to the website they should able available at your local Target.

Right after I learned about the wristband I found the Hardwood USB Necklace by Studio Leung. It’s another wearable USB drive “that creates a closer connection between a person and their data.” All I want to know is, where can I get one? I love it’s simple design but unfortunately I don’t think it’s available yet in stores.

Hardwood USB Drive

To go with the new drive Belkin has created a new wireless four-port hub. In the words of Paul Stamatiou, “this hub is powered by Ultra-Wideband wireless technology allowing the user to plugin a USB dongle into a remote computer and access all of the devices attached to the hub.” This will be great for laptop users who like to move around the room and should be available this spring.

Belkin Wireless USB Hub

I’m looking for a new USB drive, laptop, and maybe a wireless USB hub. It will be a while before I buy them but I’ll have to consider these when I’m shopping around.

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