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Search Engine Snowball Effect

On May 29th I wrote a post entitled How To: Bypass Your Schools Web Filtering System. The article was written to help other students get on to blocked sites. It now has 99 comments with links to proxy websites, plea’s for help, and thank you’s. Due to the amount of traffic I put a Google ad right in the middle of the post, just to see what would happen. The ad has been up for a little over 2 months and I’m just about to reach $100.

1 ad. 2 months. $100.


The search engine snowball effect.

The article has some good keywords, a good title, and some really useful information. The comments just came on there own and now I’m getting 1 – 3 comments a day. Comments are the hill for my snowball (or search engine ranking for the post), and the more comments the bigger the snowball gets. Each comment (well some) contains more useful keywords and more helpful information and my sites ranking gets higher and higher.

For example, on December 5th I had 197 unique visits to that page alone. All of them were from a search engine and there were 151 different search terms used to get to the site. only a few of the search terms are keywords I used in the post.

So there it is, the search engine snowball effect. I don’t know if this term has been used before or not but that’s what I’m calling it. Man, this post makes no sense. Remind me to never write when tired.

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