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Refreshers Beware

Cameras on Loop 101

The city of Scottsdale with permission from the Arizona Department of Transportation has begun a 9-month program to slow down traffic on Loop 101. The “photo enforcement cameras” were put in place on Sunday and caught more then 1000 speeding drivers on the first day.

“Speeders can officially start worrying about being caught by the cameras on Feb. 21, when citations averaging $157 will be issued. The stationary cameras stretch long a 7.8-mile leg of Loop 101. Scottsdale is the first city in the nation to digitally patrol a state freeway.”

Well aren’t we lucky. We get to have fines before anyone else in the country. According to the article on the website there are going to be 6 cameras in between Scottsdale Road and 90th Street on the 101. Since the Refresh Phoenix meetings are off of Shea Blvd. everyone using the 101 to get there better keep track of how fast they are going for the next meeting. You’ll just get a warning if you speed on your way to the February meeting but coming March you better look out. The speed limit on the 101 is 65mph and the tickets will be issued to anyone driving 76mph or faster. A lot of the time traffic is so bad you couldn’t go 76mph if you wanted to but just in case, beware!

The next Refresh meeting is on February 7th. I hope to see everybody there and make sure to watch your speed.

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