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Time For Another Refresh

So much has happened since the last Refresh meeting that I feel like I missed a month somewhere. The March Refresh Phoenix meeting is tomorrow and the guys from Grid7 will be giving a presentation. The meeting will be held at Inza Coffee. It’s the same place it just has a new name and a new owner.

For those people who went to the last meeting, do you remember the discussion we had about Google and Amazon and how they know everything? Take a look at this. Doesn’t that fit perfectly with what we talked about. Weird huh?

Since the last Refresh the cool guys at 30 Second Rule started the Refreshing Cities website to link all the sprouting Refresh groups together. All it took to get the Refresh movement really spreading was a post from someone really cool like Garrett Dimion. A month ago when I posted about the Refresh movement only 6 cities had Refreshed. Now there are over 15 Refreshing Cities with more on the way. I hope you other Refreshers are enjoying your Refresh meetings as much as I am.

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