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The Third Ruby Meeting

The sentences below were taken directly from the notes I took in my notebook during the Ruby meeting last night (except for the links, I don’t know how to do that in a notebook yet). I obviously need to spend more time learning Ruby on my own.

They have snacks and drinks for everybody in the back of the room. I think they are provided by Cyclone Commerce who is also providing the building. The room we meet in is perfect. It has a high roof and a projector so we can all see what James is doing on his laptop (even if we don’t understand it).

These Goldfish are good. There isn’t much better then Ruby and a cup full of Goldfish.

I need to do more Ruby hacking before the next meeting. Right now I am way too stupid to understand these people.

Look up Structured Blogging plugin.

The meeting was great even though I seem to be way behind many of the people there. I’ll do some studying and hacking before the next meeting and hopefully I’ll understand most of it next month. I caught more of what people were saying then I thought I would so I guess I’m heading in the right direction.

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