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Refresh Recap

So this months Refresh Phoenix meeting was yesterday and as usual, it was absolutely incredible! Adrian Sannier, the Technology Officer at ASU, spoke and did an incredible job. He is an amazing speaker and I loved listening to him. If you haven’t already you should check out his blog and podcast and you’ll see what I’m talking about. I continually talk about these meetings and I’m going to keep talking about them as long as they have the meetings. I learn so much just by listening in on conversations and I have trouble remembering everything. To help me remember the things I learn I write some of it down in my notebook but I don’t write everything so I’m going to post the things I learned and can remember from the meeting.

1. Network or fail. A few people I met with stressed the fact that if you don’t meet with other people and have the opportunity to talk and share the things you know then you won’t succeed in this career. You can do ok but you’ll never get to the next level unless you network.

2. You must be able to say no. If a client asks you to do a project for X amount of money and it just isn’t worth your time or you don’t have the time to do it then you should tell them no instead of suck up to them and do the project for less money then you can really afford.

3. A “grinder” is a client who is very picky and demanding about their website compared to other clients who don’t care about their site as long as it works and looks good. Web designers like being able to do whatever they want with a site and have more fun with a site that they have more freedom with.

4. Amazon and Google know everything! They even know what you want for your birthday. Don’t believe me, just ask them.

5. Integration is big right now and it will be even more important in the future. When I’m as old as some of the guys at the meeting, technology is gonna be sweeeet!

There was a lot more that I learned but I’m writing this after the meeting and it’s getting pretty late so I’m going to bed.

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