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Refresh Phoenix Tonight

Inza Coffee (formerly known as Common Ground Coffee House)
8658 E Shea Blvd # 1, Scottsdale, AZ
(480) 222-4870

From 6-8pm but not officially starting until 6:30pm.

James Archer of Forty Media will be speaking. He may not be the best bowler (me neither, James B. gets that award) but he’s a great speaker. James spoke at SXSW as part of the “Starting Small: Web Business for the Rest of Us” panel and you should definitely listen to the podcast of that. As always I look forward to talking with everyone again and hopefully I’ll get to meet a few new faces.

One of the new faces I want to meet is Andrew. Andrew is a fellow Random Shapes member and he says he will probably go but is unsure. Everyone go yell at him and tell him he needs to come to the meeting tonight. If he comes I won’t have to be the only teenager!

See y’all tonight!

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