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Loop 101 Reminder

For those living in or near Phoenix that drive on the Loop 101 you’ve seen the new cameras in between 90th Street and Scottsdale Road. Up until today speeders received only warnings but now anyone going 11 miles over the speed limit can start to expect fines. I warned Refreshers a week before the February meeting that the cameras were being installed but tickets haven’t been given out until today.

For me the traffic is backed up enough when I drive on the 101 that the cameras don’t bother me but for other Refreshers in the Phoenix area this could be annoying. Yeah, there may be less accidents but traffic will be slower now. If you use the 101 to go to work just make sure you leave the house a few minutes earlier and drive cautiously! You don’t want to be late to the next Refresh Phoenix meeting. It’s gonna be another good one!

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