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How To Feel Like A Million Bucks

Step 1 – Make something cool.
Step 2 – Tell people about it.

Refresh Phoenix was yesterday and I left with the greatest feeling of motivation and drive that I need to really make Random Shapes into what I want it to be. I have all the resources I need for the network to be great, I just need to use them correctly. Refresh Phoenix is so incredible because it combines all these different types of people together. Many of the Refreshers have really cool ideas and if all these different people worked together on their ideas they could make some of the coolest stuff ever, and not just on the web.

Grid7 wants to help those people with cool ideas get started on their projects. Grid7 is a company that “helps you put your big ideas in motion by pairing you up with others that have the skills you need.” It’s an awesome idea and once they work out a few details it’s going to help out a lot of people. Their company could also help people who want to get an offline idea started. Grid7 provides a way for people with different skill sets to help each other, so it could easily expand to offline ideas as well.

I really enjoyed listening to Sean talk about their ideas for Grid7 and talking with everybody else afterwards. You really do feel refreshed after attending these meetings. It’s kinda strange being the youngest person there but it’s also kinda fun at the same time.

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