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August Refresh

Last night was Demo Night at Refresh Phoenix. Anyone could sign up to show off there new site, web app, whatever and tell everybody about it. The demo’s were very cool and unique. It was really interesting to hear about how they were built, why they were built the way they were, and how they came up with the idea. I don’t think I will use the web apps that were shown but they were cool enough that I want to find a reason to use them. When the demo’s were over I wanted to come home and build something cool but I don’t know how so I stuck around to talk with people instead.

I’m always impressed with the people I meet at Refresh. Everybody is older then me and much more experienced so there’s a lot I can learn from them. I always step into conversations and end up just sitting there trying to take everything in but not contributing much to the conversation. Last night I learned that I know nothing. So I’m just gonna take the advice I get from these guys and go with it.

I also noticed that I basically talk with the same 10 – 12 people every time I go to Refresh. I need to take my own advice and meet more people next time.

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