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The Future of Blog Networks

Sorry if the title confused you but I’m not doing a post about the future of blog networks. Atleast not right now.

SXSW is in March and I’m really excited about going. As you may know already, the panel picker is open again for a second round of picking and I was able to submit The Future of Blog Networks as a panel topic. The panel description says:

New blog networks are starting up all the time but many people still don’t know what a blog network is. Blog networks have already begun to change the blogosphere for better and will play a big role in the future of blogging. This panel will discuss the future of blog networks, what they are, how they operate, and how they can help you.

The description is kinda cheesy but basically it’s a panel about the future of blog networks. Please vote for the panel if you plan on attending SXSW and if you’re not. If you are planning on going leave a comment too.

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