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Random Shapes v2 Is Here

It’s been a long day and it’s been even longer since I wrote a post. I’ve had a good time redesigning the Random Shapes site lately and I learned a lot while I was working on it.

With the original version Kevin did all the graphics so all I had to do was the coding (the CSS and XHTML stuff) and WordPress integration. We didn’t have much time to build it so we did the “Getting Real” thing and just narrowed our scope. Instead of launching a site with lots of features done poorly we launched a site with less features done well. Now that we’ve had more time to build the site we’ve added some really cool features with more on the way.

The network site has forced me to learn PHP and what feels like everything there is to know about WordPress. I’ve been wanting to learn PHP for a long time so this was an awesome opportunity to learn it. I’m still not an expert in PHP but I’m much more comfortable with it. I’ve also learned that WordPress is a lot more then a weblog platform or content managment system. You can use it to build any kind of website with just a little tweaking.

I want the network to be as easy to use as it can be. I think the redesign is a great improvment but I want to know what you would do to make the network even better. How would you change the network site to make it better or what would you add to it?

There’s always time to add stuff later – later is eternal, now is fleeting.

From the book “Getting Real” by 37signals.

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