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Brainstorming Session: Random Shapes

Brainstorming helps me think through things and this time I thought I’d share my brainstorming with you. I might do this again about other things because it was an easy post to write and because it helps.

Hmm, what is there to say about Random Shapes… 😉 yeah right.

Random Shapes is a blog network with two goals. 1) Encourage good blogging among teens. 2) Create a community of awesome teens that network with each other and therefore become even awesomer.

Why? Because we all know that teens don’t have the greatest reputation on the web and because we can. Why not, right? Definitely can’t hurt to try.

So how are we going to accomplish these goals? We form a blog network and let only the best in. Then we tell people how cool it is so that they want to join. Teens improve their blog just so they can be part of this group of awesomeness. We’ve accomplished goal number 1 and now we have a group of some of the best teen blogs on the web. We have a community for awesome teens to hang out. We create easy ways to talk with each other and help each other out. The network becomes an incredible resource for members and everybody thinks it’s pretty cool. Both goals are accomplished.

But now we have to make sure that everything stays simple, the blogs stay excellent, and the people stay happy. This is the tricky part. I haven’t completely figured it out yet, but I’m trying, and when I do figure it out I’ll let you know.

So now you have a network of great teen blogs but if you want people to care and if you want people to join you need to make it look good too. Non-members don’t see all the awesome stuff that happens between members and behind the scenes. Friendships are formed, partnerships are formed, blogs are improved and overall everybody helps everybody. But the only thing you ever see is the site. All you see is a poorly designed listing of the posts that these awesome teens write every single day. It just doesn’t seem enough. There’s more to these people then you ever see. So how can I make you see that? Ahh, finally a question. I like questions because they lead you somewhere.

You need to see the people behind the blogs. Sure it’s important that you see their content but what really makes the blog and the blog network great is the blogger. And unfortunately the only way I have to show you the blogger is through the site. So the site needs to be improved. It needs to focus more on the blogger. Because without the blogger, you don’t have a network.

I don’t think any blog network focuses enough on the blogger, Random Shapes included. But I have an idea. Will it work? No clue. But it’s worth a try. Will I share it with you? Not right now. You’ll hear about it soon enough.

But we still have a problem, because we haven’t figured out the tricky part… yet.