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Phoenix Rules!

Tonight is the Phoenix Ruby Users Group meeting and tomorrow night is the Refresh Phoenix meeting. I can’t wait and I should probably be leaving soon. I’ve been wanting to learn Ruby for a while now so I’m glad James Britt is putting this together. If you want to learn Ruby and you live near Phoenix, this is the place to be. Refresh Phoenix has been an enormous help to me lately and it is only getting better. I think I’m getting more out of each meeting than anybody else. James Archer and the guys at 30 Second Rule probably don’t realize how much I appreciate this and now they are expanding the coolness by starting BarCamp Phoenix. I just hope their is something I can help with or present to the group.

I need to leave so I won’t be late for the Ruby meeting. If you are in the Phoenix area please check out Refresh Phoenix, you won’t regret it.

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