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What will happen to the site?

When I’m gone I’ll have basically no internet access except to send emails to my folks. I don’t want to let this place sit for 2 years so I’ve taught my dad how to use WordPress and he will be posting parts of my emails and letters. (Sorry if he messes anything up) 😉 If you really need to contact me you can send an email to my dad at cliff(dot)jones(at)avidlaw(dot)com and he’ll make sure to send the message along.

I know my blogging has been fairly sporadic but I hope you stick around.

I had planned to redesign the site before I left but I didn’t have time to slice it up and turn it into a theme so this will have to do. The current design is really simple and works so I don’t mind leaving it how it is.

Well… nothin else to say except thanks. I ♥ you guys and I’ll see ya in 2 years!

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