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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

Each year around this time we hear a lot about goals and New Year’s resolutions. We reflect on the things we accomplished in the past year and even more on the things we didn’t. We set new goals and start the year motivated.

Last year was all about getting things started. I started a blog network, I started a business, I started really learning about the web, I started a full-time job, and in 2007 I want to build on everything I’ve started. This year will be all about growth.

I only have 3 goals for 2007.

  1. Build up Random Shapes
  2. Create effective and cool websites
  3. Continue to learn

2006 felt like one big blur. A whole lot happened in too short a time. In 2007 I want to keep up the pace but stay focused at the same time.

Thanks for sticking around this year and have a great 2007.

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