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So It Begins

I’m writing this post from a computer in the college library. There are hundreds of computers in here and thankfully the internet works great.

Today is my first day of college and I just went to my first class. I must admit, the college experience has already been pretty interesting. There are so many different people here and all of them are here for a different purpose. The people are very interesting and I hope I can get to know some of them better.

There are a lot of differences between high school and college. The teachers are much more laid back, they have designated smoking areas, the library is enormous, they have a cyber cafe, and there’s a lot less gum on the ground.

You know I’m not too excited about college but since I’m here I’m trying to enjoy it. I felt like 90% of high school was a waste but so far my college experience hasn’t been too bad. It’s definitely an improvement from what high school was like!

Update: Oh yeah, they have Firefox on these computers! My high school didn’t have that. Another cool difference is the guys throwing a frisbee in the middle of the school and the giant clock tower.

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