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One Year Anniversary

One year ago today I bought the domain and got my site up and running just before trick-or-treaters started ringing my doorbell non-stop. My friend Jay set me up with free hosting and helped me with some CSS problems I was having and the site was online around 6pm. Since then my life has completely changed and I’m lovin it. Since October 31st, 2005 I’ve…

…written 146 posts with 316 comments.
…met tons of cool web designers/developers locally.
…gone to 11 of 12 Refresh Phoenix meetings.
…turned my hobby into a job that pays for college and all other expenses
…started working freelance.
redesigned the site 6 times.
…accomplished one of my goals by running the 800 meters in 1:58.73.
graduated from high school.
…written an average of 2.8 posts per week or 12.16 posts per month.
…been listed on a number of CSS galleries.
…gone to Six Flags.
started a blog network.
…seen snow from my house.
…grown my hair out really long.
…been interviewed on Blog Herald.
…joined a soccer league.
redesigned Random Shapes twice (new design coming today!).
…spent a week with my friend in North Carolina.
participated in 2 CSS Reboots (if you count tomorrow’s reboot).
turned 18!
…made a theme for WordPress with over 3,000 downloads
…started a third site (what?).
…fought off over 8,000 spam comments.
won $30 in iTunes gift certificates from Blingo (just won another $10 today, thanks Robert!)
…started going to college.
switched servers.
…gone to Desert Code Camp.
…learned a ton and had a rockin awesome time doing it!

It’s been an awesome year. Thank you Jay, Refreshers, all you Random Shapes members, David, and anyone else who has helped me this first year. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. This next year is gonna be even more interesting, you’ll see.

Update: I’m still tweaking the site. Let me know if you notice any bugs.

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