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My Goals for 2006

As promised here’s my list of goals that I want to accomplish during the upcoming year. 2005 has probably been the best year of my life so far and 2006 looks to be even better!

Review of 2005

When this year started I was extremely busy with soccer, running, school, and work. Now that the year is over I am even more busy and consider that to be an accomplishment. Academically I was getting good grades and generally doing ok but I’ve stepped it up a bit this year. I’ll be graduating in May and going to college the following semester. Athletically I was doing a little bit better than my grades, mainly because sports are 100 times funner than school. I have been blessed this year with a great soccer coach (my dad) and lots of time to play the best sport in the world. In track I run the 800 (half-mile) and 400 (quarter-mile) meter events which I did fairly well in except for getting sick towards the end of the season that kept me from racing. As a web designer at the first of the year there were only a few people that new my name as a result of a project I started that eventually failed and also by word-of-mouth. With some added effort, a greater desire to pursue this career, and some help from the community I now know many really cool web designers/developers/programmers or whatever you want to call them and get to talk with them basically every day. 2005 has been awesome for the most part but I can’t wait for 2006.

My Goals for 2006

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