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My Boring Name

I like my name but I’ve always thought it was pretty boring. I looked it up and found this from the Wikipedia entry for Matthew.

“Ever since 1975 the name Matthew has never dropped out of the top ten most popular names chosen for new-born babies in the United States, and every year since 1981 has remained among the top four — peaking at number two in both 1994 and 1996.”

In 1988, the year I was born, Matthew was the 3rd most popular baby name and Jones is currently the 4th most poplular last name in the U.S. At my high school I am 1 of 2 people named Matt Jones in my grade and I hate it because they always get stuff mixed up. In the 8th grade I went to his classes and he went to mine for an entire week before the school was able to fix anything and last year they sent me his schedule the week before school started and I didn’t find out what my classes were until 10 minutes before my first class. I also get a call about once every semester from the school saying I ditched a class when really he missed the class but they don’t pay attention to middle names. The rapper Mike Jones seems to love his name and whenever my name is called for attendance it is similar enough that in all of my classes their is someone in the classroom that will follow my name with a loud “who?” (you have to hear the song to understand).

I also don’t like my name because there are so many people named Matt Jones. I’d rather have something more unique but on the other hand I think it’s pretty easy to remember and I definitely don’t have anyone asking me how to spell it.

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