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I Won Again

So I was talking with David Krug on AIM today about Blingo, the search engine that gives out prizes at random to users. Then only an hour or 2 after we had been talking about Blingo I won another $10 iTunes Gift Certificate.


Last time I won it was because someone who had signed up through my referal link won a prize so I won too. This time I won the prize so the person I signed up through should be pretty happy. I’ve been really busy lately but that made my day a lot better.

Blingo has recently partnered up with Publishers Clearing House and the prizes are much bigger and better. Instead of an Ipod Nano being the best prize you can win, now you could win a Ford Mustang, $5000 in cash, a 42-inch Plasma TV, and more cash.

Here’s a screenshot of what happens when you win:

I definitely recommend using Blingo. It’s just like Google but gives you prizes. How cool is that.

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