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A track meet, my fight with a lawnmower, and Flickr.

One of my goals for this year is to run the 800 meters in under 2:00.00 so that I qualify for the state track meet. Saturday I had a meet and ran the 800m in 2:00.47. My best time ever was 2:03.39. I ran my best time ever and yet I was still a little mad that I didn’t run .48 seconds faster. I have over a month before the state meet so I’ll be able to break 2:00.00 by then. I probably ran well because I finally got a haircut.

That’s right, I cut my hair. I have (well I used to have) kinda long and curly hair. Thursday I straightened my hair just to see what it would look like and went to school with the hippie look. After school I cut it all off and on Saturday I improved my time by 3 seconds. Who knows if it was the hair or not but it’s too late to put it back. You Refresh Phoenix guys will barely recognize me. It’s been 10 months since my last haircut so I figure it was about time.

I started a Flickr account and uploaded some photos of my new hairdo and some other photos of me at one of my track meets. Maybe someday I’ll get myself a camera so you can see someone other then me in the photos.

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